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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I send CSA payments?
Jen and Russ Tiles
209 North Park St.
Spring Lake, MI  49456

Please make checks payable to Grandson's Gardens LLC

Can I split a share with someone?
Yes!  We have members who trade pick-ups and others who divide up produce each week. 

What if we won't be home when our delivered produce arrives?
Leave a good size cooler in the shade with a few ice packs for us to place items that need to be kept cool, especially berries.

What if we go out of town for the week?
This is a great time to share with a family member or friend.  Just let us know in advance that someone else will be picking up your box (not necessary for home delivery members).  This is best way for us.

Another option is having your produce donated to Love INC the week you are away, just let us know a week in advance.

Do I need to return my crate every week?
Yes, please remember the previous weeks crate to exchange for your new filled crate when picking up your share each week.  You can bring shopping bags to transfer your goods at pick-up if you don't want to worry about returning it. 

Home delivery members - please leave out the previous weeks box for us to pick up on delivery day.

Can we visit the farm?
Yes, of course!  We will have a few scheduled events throughout the season including member u-pick opportunities, a spring garden walk, and a couple farm potlucks. We also appreciate volunteers to help with weeding and harvesting all season long!  Just let us know  in advance so we can add you into our harvest plan for the day. 

What if I don't like certain items on your crop list?
We encourage you to try everything at least once.  Kale and beets aren't always high even on the veggie lovers list but trying them FRESH and in the right recipe they can taste like a completely different vegetable.  We choose our crop varieties strictly for flavor and not for packaging and shelf life like most produce that ends up at the grocery store.  If you still find yourself with items your family won't eat you could pass them on to a neighbor or friend or leave them behind in our "Thanks, No Thanks" box at pick-up so someone else in our group can enjoy it.

When does the CSA season begin and end?
18 weeks from early June to early October. We will notify you a couple weeks in advance confirming our first harvest week.

I tried a great recipe using Grandson's Gardens produce, should I pass it on?
Yes, please do!!!  Just email me the recipe and we will post for others to try.  This is especially helpful with our lesser known produce!


Are your blueberries organic?
Our blueberries come from the family blueberry farm and are managed using an IPM approach.  Integrated Pest Management is a fancy way of describing a method of pest management that combines monitoring and testing with along with conventional and organic pest control. For example, if during the window in the summer that mold is usually prevalent monitoring presents no sign of mold, there is no reason to apply unnecessary fungicide treatments. The same goes for insecticide.  The blueberries are low spray when compared with other conventional blueberry farms. 

West Olive, MI