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We are a family owned and operated farm growing a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.  Here you will find a collage of blueberry farm, small fruit orchard, greenhouses, and gardens.  The  land we grow on has been in our family for three generations.  Our family has been  growing vegetables and fruits for family, friends, and church for decades and recently began offering to the community through a CSA program and local farmers markets.   Our CSA is unique in that we include fruits in our weekly boxes and offer delivery right to our members doorsteps through the growing season to homes no more than 20 miles from the farm.  We also have two convenient pick-up points. 

Our vegetable crops have been grown organically for years and currently are working hard to make the switch from low spray methods to organic practices in our orchard as well.  Beyond meeting the minimum requirements in our vegetable
gardens, of not using chemicals, we also grow cover crops, practice crop rotations, use composts, and lots of hand labor (and tractors).   We manage our soil and grow our crops in a way to  allow the land to continue to be productive now and into the future. We also believe that it is our duty to look for new innovative ways to enhance the soil and land that we farm.  Maybe in the future your kitchen scraps will end up back at the farm.

West Olive, MI